March 21, 2017

MEMBERS PRESENT: Wayne Muir, Eugene Skinner, Freddie Crowder, Charles Alexander, Neal Kuznar, Sean Roll, Augie Trevino, Jeanette Vaughan, and Randy Probst.


TREASURY REPORT: - given by Charles Alexander

There was a $690.00 deposit made to bank from Membership Club Shoot.

$620 from gate fees for memberships and shooters

$70 from concessions secondary to drinks and chips

- $100.00 expenses from club

$790.00 banked and deposited form Deerman

Approximate balance in bank: $1600. $600 in paypal from memberships.

Balance approximately $ 2200.00

This time monies were separated out between memberships and concessions. Cash box monies were kept separate to keep straight for Steve Milewski and treasury. Plan worked well.


  1. Memberships - Jeanette Vaughan

Overall memberships down from last year. But this was only the first club shoot. Weather was good. Picked up some additional family memberships. Lots of recent old members from 2016 have not rejoined. No negative feedback so far on increased membership fees.

  1. Church Shoot Ė update by Charles Alexander from Steve Seals. No date yet from church. Some weekend in April. If not April, then July. Contact: Steve Milewski will draft template of release of liability for church to release CCBA from liability. They will run everything. CCBA will set targets.


  1. Discussion on feedback from club shoot related to center 12s. Some targets set did not have center 12s. Therefore people made up their own rules on what to shoot, high or low. Could lead to disgruntlement about who wins what. Wayne Muir expressed frustration about this and said it just didnít matter. Group general consensus was to table this issue unless further complaints. Discussion took place about who does all the work in setting targets, that unless membership helps they should not complain.

  2. Food truck - great feedback from all about food truck at T.H.E. Deerman. Quality and price of good very good. Owners of food truck very amiable and enjoyed being out there. Will have food truck out again for all major tournaments.

  3. April 2nd club shoot - discussion on who will set targets. Motion made by Charles Alexander to only set 15 targets and shoot them twice. Eugene seconded. Motion passed.