Monthly Meeting February 16, 2016


Freddie Crowder, Richard Crowder, Wayne Meuir, Steve Seals, Charles Alexander, Jeanette Vaughan, Neil Kuznar, Randy Probst, Josh Brown, Stephen Boyd, Roger Allen, Brad Reuthinger


Motion to approve January minutes by Randy Probst. Seconded by Wayne. Motion passed.


Unavailable, CCBA treasurer not present.

Steve Seals reported that lease was paid. ASA membership paid. Gave packet of info to Jeanette Vaughan.


  1. Membership – Steve Seals

    1. Discussed upcoming membership shoot. Charles turned in several new membership forms. Jeanette has updated the data base with new information. New membership cards mailed. Charles has called folks with the new gate code.
    2. Reminder on membership renewal still needs to be sent out to all 2015 members. Jeanette agreed to get that done ASAP. Jeanette has posted information on the upcoming shoot, S3DA membership, and joining on facebook page..
  2. S3DA progressing. Four members have committed to joining. Nikki Milam still has to present information to her 4-H groups. Emory has an S3DA tournament scheduled for May. Ours will be at the April ASA shoot. Jeanette informed members that Tracey Smith and Mike Smith from ASA committed to being at our ASA shoot because we were hosting an S3DA tournament there. Tracey is very please at our progress on this new program. Jeanette talked to kids about what types of shirts. Charles mentioned that we have some youth CCBA shirts that the patch could be applied to.  Steve Seals discussed how this program will continue to help increase family and women's membership. Wayne pointed out that the club is really all about the youth.
  3. Range - At the work day and after, all stakes have been painted. Thanks to Josh Brown for use of his tractor to grate the road. Steve said it looks great. The toilets still need to be pumped. Wayne stated that he would get in touch with those people. Charles will bring out ice for the membership shoot. A new board was installed the small one, but Charles will get in touch with Steve Milewski for the large board. A new filing cabinet was put in the storeroom. 
Still need to post safety information. Emergency numbers for range and location.


  1. Upcoming Membership Shoot– Steve Seals

  2. Jeanette brought up discussion about S3DA insurance. The cost for starting a club $50. Jeanette had a discussion with Steve Milewski by phone about insurance. Steve Milewski felt that the additional $125. Annual insurance was a bargain to cover any issues with kids. Steve Seals asked if ASA insurance would cover. Jeanette explained that those were the rules for the club. Steve Milewski will cut a check for $ establish the Collin County S3DA club sponsored by Collin County Bowhunters. Jeanette will build a facebook page for it.
  3. Safety with open carry laws – Charles Alexander
  4. Steve mentioned Easton has a bow set up package for youth for $60. S3DA had a matching grant, but the club had to up in the funds and prices were expensive. Steve suggested it was something to think about to pick up one or two and raffle them off.
  5. Thanks to Josh for use of his bow shop for this meeting due to darkness and cold weather.

MEETING ADJOURNED at approximately 8:00 PM

NEXT CLUB SHOOT: March 5 and 6 before next meeting.

NEXT MEETING: March 15th at Collin County Archery, Josh’s bowshop. 2192 Co Rd 494, Princeton, TX 75407 Phone:(214) 810-084