Monthly Meeting June 16, 2015


Freddie Crowder, Eugene Skinner, Wayne Meuir, Steve Seals, Charles Alexander, Steve Milewski, Jeanette Vaughan, Neal Kuznar, Randy Probst


Motion to approve by Randy Probst. Seconded by Freddie Crowder.



1. Steve Seals gave report how ASA insurance is calculated. Policy covers CCBA and landowners property. Gives 10 memberships to the four officers of CCBA and the six directors at cost of $30.00 per person. Any addition member covered for $5 fee. Discussion ensued regarding family memberships. Agreed that each member of family listed on form should be paid to ASA to ensure coverage. All concurred.

2. No response from Amy Witt about JOAD shoots. Nor any contact regarding Genesis from through NASP. Brad, the sports director from Jesuit at one time was interested in a program or NASP tournament. Steve Seals suggested in January to make arrangements for possible CCBA NASP tournament to promote archery among youth.

3. First money shoot was held on Thursday May 28th. Low turnout. Discussion about whether to continue and how to market. Suggested that June one will take place. Steve Seals suggested fliers out to Cabela’s and other archery outlets.

4. TBOT took place on May 30 and 31.

5. Sign from Texas Archery Academy was mounted in the clubhouse.

6. In need of secretary to fulfill out the current vacant position. Steve Seals nominated Jeanette Vaughan for position. Neal Kuznar seconded. All members present voted yay. No nays. Jeanette Vaughan voted in a secretary of CCBA until January 2016. Steve Seals granted her admin privileges on Facebook and drop box. First order of business updating membership list.


1. Accident report on Richard Crowder. Richard was injured on Sat June 13, 2015 at the CCBA ASA shoot. Tripped on stump and fell forward striking forehead on low limb. Fell face forward and was unconscious for several seconds. Shaken up, was aroused and was able to walk back to club house. Drove self home at his own insistence. Later had headaches and neck pain. Seen at Baylor McKinney ED and diagnosed with a fracture C1, C2 vertebra. Surgery scheduled for June 16. Will be halo traction for six months. Steve Seals reported case immediately to national ASA. ASA insurance will pay for all medical expenses and incidentals not covered by their personal insurance. Seals states the accident will not affect liability insurance of the club. Texas ASA to have donation jar at state tournament. Suggested by Eugene to have same at next club shoot for CCBA. Steve Seals suggested donating all funds from next club shoot to Crowders, however Steve Milewski pointed out that as per non-profit charter CCBA cannot make a donation. But can collect in jar and distribute funds to Crowder family for support.

2. Discussion on whether to waive the $100 buy in that charter members pay to be officers in the club for Jeanette. As more members have now joined, Seals motioned that rule be waived. Randy Probst seconded. All in favor to waive. Motion passed.

3. DFW shooter of the year program update by Steve Seals. Participants in program were Mesquite, Irving, CCBA and Cinnamon Creek. Seals concerned that discussion of program was very anti-ASA. Our scheduled CCBA club shoot would be the final SOY tournament for the program as our Feb club shoot was cancelled due to inclement weather freeze. Steve will verify status of this program, as CCBA participation has been low.

4. Steve Milewski reviewed the ASA insurance guidelines with the membership. See attached. As a result of the review the following updates will be made to the CCBA shooting range: a) An evacuation policy will be posted

b) A fire extinguisher will be purchased

c) The 911 address of the range will be posted

d) A designated air evac landing zone will be identified

e) A bad weather signal air-horn will be designated

5. Randy will take inventory of supplies and items necessary to replace roof on CCBA clubhouse. He will be setting up targets for the July shoot.

6. Next club shoot will be July 25th and 26th. Should be DFW shooter of year if Seals confirms participation. Discussion on prizes. Randy and Neal will put together trophies that CCBA still has. Otherwise money pay out for adult classes. Trophies for kids. Some belt buckles still left. Steve will send Jeanette photo for posting and advertising on the various archery and CCBA websites and Facebook pages.

7. Jeanette initiated discussion about how to increase female membership in club. All in agreement this would be welcomed. Ideas for marketing discussed. Fliers will be made up. Jeanette will attempt to increase social media presence.