Charles Alexander NP

Randy Probst X

Steve Seals X

Wayne Meuir X

Jimmy Brashear NP

Freddie Crowder X

Bud Murphy NP

Terry Witt NP

Todd Smith X

Mark Watts NP

Eugene Skinner X

Neal Kuznar X

Terry Lee NP

Kent Bates NP

Rick Schwarz NP


Karen Seals


See attached Treasurer’s Report

There is no outstanding debt.


  1. Meeting was called to order by Randy Probst, V.P. who is acting President at this time.

  2. Minutes were read and accepted as written.

  3. Election was held for Club President due to the resignation of Charles Alexander. Freddie Crowder and Steve Seals were nominated and both agreed to serve. The vote was four to three in favor of Steve Seals. Steve’s term as President will begin immediately.

  4. Since Steve Seals is our current Treasurer, we had to elect a new Treasurer. Neal Kuznar was nominated and agreed to accept the position. He was elected Treasurer by a unanimous vote.

  5. We also elected a new Vice President to begin serving on Jan 1, 2013. Freddie Crowder was nominated and accepted the nomination and was elected by unanimous vote. Randy Probst will continue in that capacity until January 1, 2013.

  6. Wayne Meuir will continue to serve as Secretary through December 31, 2012. Club will be accepting both volunteers and nominations for Secretary for 2013 and will fill that position at our December Board Meeting.

  7. Due to other commitments, Both Todd Smith and Bud Murphy are going to vacate their positions as Charter Members at the end of 2012. They would like to donate their Charter Memberships to someone who has the interest and the time to help promote Collin County Bowhunters, Inc. Anyone who is interested should contact either of them directly or contact one of the Officers of the Club. Charter Memberships give member voting rights and under normal circumstances, the member is required to pay a one time $100 Charter Membership fee that is refundable when/if you elect to end your Charter Membership. In these two cases, the Members above are willing to set aside their refund and allow an approved applicant to serve without paying any fee. Any applicant will have to be approved by the Board of Directors.

  8. All the current Officers, Randy Probst, Steve Seals, Neal Kuznar, and Wayne Meuir are to meet at Citizens State Bank on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 10:00 to get our Collin County Bowhunter Assoc., Inc. bank account established.

  9. We still need to get a Land Lease Agreement in writing and accepted by Mrs. Stroup. It would be to everyone’s advantage to get a multi year lease if possible. Steve Milewski is going to try to find a generic lease agreement that we can use.

  10. Roger Allen is working on a sign to put by our walk through entry with our basic Tresspass Rules listed.

  11. Steve Seals is going to try to get Steve Sullivan to spread material on driveway. We will then get a tractor out to do the final grading. Devin Dupuy has offered to let us use his tractor.

  12. Club agreed to let the 4H Club use our Range providing they get a rider on their insurance that covers both the Club and the Landowner in the event of an accident. They will also agree that they will not schedule an event that conflicts with our tournament schedule.


  1. In order to promote Charter Memberships, the Club unanimously voted to change the shoot fees for 2013 as follows:

  1. $5.00 Charter Members

  2. $10.00 Regular Members

  3. $20.00 Non-Members

  1. Our ASA Insurance will be due sometime in December. Wayne has received the packet from ASA but has not had time to determine the total premium cost but it is expected to be somewhere around $750 to $1000.