Collin County Bowhunters Association

Meeting Minutes – May 15, 2012

Members Present

Charles Alexander, Randy Probst, Wayne Meuir, Eugene Skinner, Freddie Crowder, Richard Crowder, Niel Kuznar, Brandon Rogers, Roger Allen

Treasurer’s Report

See Attached Statement

Old Business

    1. We still need to get our Non-Profit Status set up properly. Steven Milewski indicated that he can help us get that done. We need to contact him and see what we need to do to get it going.

    2. Club voted to spend a Maximum of $3800 on driveway repair, less if at all possible or if we can do some of the work to make it cheaper.

    3. Steve still needs to contact the lady at Cabela’s to find out about door prizes for the Invitational.

    4. It was decided that we would not do novelty shoots at either the TBOT shoot or at the Invitational.

    5. We decided to have smoked sausage, hot links and hot dogs at both the TBOT shoot and the Invitational and not have hamburgers due to the labor involved.

New Business

    1. Randy will talk to Kenneth Talent about donating a hunt at the Circle T Ranch for a door prize at the Invitational.

    2. Randy will talke to his contact person at Academy to see if they will sell us stuff for prizes at a discount price. They have already donated $250 in gift Certificates.

    3. Brandon is donating a handmade bow sock for a door prize.

    4. Club voted to spend as much as $500 for door prizes for the Invitational but less if we get enough stuff donated. We decided that we would rather buy fewer prizes but have better quality prizes and no junk prizes.

Meeting Adjourned


Action Item List As Of 5-15-12

    1. Contact Steven Milewski about helping us set up a Non Profit Status for the Club.

    2. Steve Seals to contact Steve Sullivan to negotiate the driveway repair and see what we can do to help minimize the cost. We voted to spend as much as $3800, but would like to try to keep it around $3000 if possible.

    3. Steve Seals to talk to his contact lady at Cabela’s about door prizes.

    4. Randy to talk to Kenneth Talent about donating a hunt at the Circle T.

    5. Randy to talk to the manager of the Academy store in McKinney to see if he will sell us stuff at some amount of discount for door prizes.

    6. Maximum amount to be spent on door prizes to be $500.

    7. Wayne and Charles to get together on Thursday, May 17 to get the food arrangements for the Charity Shoot taken care of.

    8. Charles will be mowing the range on Thursday, May 24 in the afternoon. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Some lanes will need a small amount of trimming.

    9. Steve, Hank, and Charles will be setting targets on Friday, May 25 for the Camp Craig Allen Charity Shoot. Any help will be appreciated.