Collin County Bowhunters Assoc.

Meeting Minutes April 17, 2012

Members Present

Charles Alexander, Randy Probst, Steve Seals, Wayne Meuir, Freddie Crowder, Richard Crowder, Brandon Rogers

Treasurer’s Report

See attached report

Old Business:

  1. Steve will contact a friend who is an Accountant to find out how to set up our Non Profit Tax Exemption Status.

  2. Steve Seals will contact Steve Sullivan to get a bid to repair the driveway with crushed concrete and report the cost back to us for a decision.

  3. Steve contacted Cabela’s about donating prizes for our invitational. Cabela’s responded that we have been approved and will contact us later. Steve will continue to try to contact the lady he deals with at Cabela’s to get a firm commitment.

  4. We will also try to find out what archery related activities Cabela’s has going on this summer that they might use our help.

  5. We voted against having any Thursday night shoots in May.

New Business

  1. Steve suggested that we might have a novelty shoot at our TBOT and/or our Invitational and use one or two of the repaired practice targets for prizes. We could do a walk back shoot, a thumb tack shoot, etc to try to generate a few extra dollars. Everyone agreed to give it a try. Wayne has 7 targets that need to be repaired that we really don’t need right now.  He will repair a few of those to use for these events.

  2. Wayne talked to Jimmie Gould about Deerman. He will be here Friday night, April 27. We need to have a crew ready to set targets at daylight on Saturday, April 28. Shoot will start at 10:00.

  3. We agreed to spend some money for door prizes for our Invitational. How much we need to spend will be based on what donations we get from Cabela’s, New Breed in Decatur, Academy, Bass Pro, etc.

  4. Brandon will contat Bass Pro in Garland to see what they will do.

  5. Steve will contact New Breed in Decatur to see if they can help.

  6. Wayne announced that he is resigning as club secretary at the end of year due to his wife’s retirement and some related family plans.

Meeting Adjourned


Action Item List As Of April 17, 2012

  1. Steve to contact friend who is an Accountant to see what we need to do to set up a Non Profit Tax Exempt Status for the Club.

  2. Steve Seals to get Steve Sullivan to give us a bid on repairing our driveway with crushed concrete.

  3. Steve to stay in touch with Lady at Cabela’s about helping us with door prizes and about archery related activities that Cabela’s would like for us to help with.

  4. Wayne to finish repairing practice targets so we can either create novelty shoots and use them as prizes or auction them off at both our TBOT shoot and our Invitational shoot in June.

  5. Make sure we have a crew on hand at daylight on April 28 to set targets for the Deerman.

  6. After we see what donations we can get, the club needs to decide how much money we can spend on door prizes for the Invitational

  7. We need to make decisions on what novelty shoots we will set up at both TBOT and at the Invitational.

  8. We need to decide on what food we are going to have at the TBOT and Invitational.