Collin County Bowhunters Assoc.

Meeting Minutes March 27, 2012

Members Present

Charles Alexander, Randy Probst, Steve Seals, Karen Seals, Wayne Meuir, Freddie Crowder, T.R. Crowder, Richard Crowder, Eugene Skinner, Neal Kuzner, Todd Bowman, Josh Brown, Brianna Brown, Matt Roan, Landon LaRue

Treasurer’s Report

See attached financial Statement

Old Business

  1. We still do not have our Tax Exempt Corp set up. Karen agreed to help with paperwork. Wayne will get all the information he has found.

  2. Still need to move the running target when we have the time to do the set up.

  3. Wayne agreed to glue the McKenzie targets together as he takes them home to change the cores.

  4. We revisited the need to repair the driveway before it gets any worse.

  5. We decided we might try to have a Thursday evening shoot in May and see what kind of turn out we get.

  6. We decided to blow off the idea of cooking brisket for the ASA shoot because of time constraints. We will have burgers and hot dogs as usual. Wayne will bring an extra gas grill, Charles will bring a charcoal grill.

New Business

  1. Steve said he would be at the range on Thursday AM at 10:30 to set targets. Randy, Wayne and Eugene, and maybe Casey will help. Shooting stakes will not be set until Friday afternoon late.

  2. Steve will try to contact Cabela’s about getting sponsorship prizes from them for the Invitational in June and about our club helping with Archery related events that Cabela’s will be involved in this year.

  3. Wayne received a call from Tracy Smith (ASA) . She gave him the addresses that we are supposed to send the money from the gate fees at the ASA Qualifier. Wayne stressed the need to have Kurt/Tiffany sign a receipt showing exactly how much we were given and to whom it was to be sent.

  4. We have 9 water cans and decided that was enough to have one big on at the club house and 8 out on the range, so we are not going to buy any new ones right now. Wayne replaced the valve on the one that was broken.

  5. Wayne and Randy sorted the targets and we currently have 30 or more McKenzie targets that are tournament grade, plus another 22 Rhinehart’s that are tournament grade, so we won’t need any new targets for at least a year or two



  1. Karen Seals agreed to help set up the Tax Exempt Corp using information that Wayne has found on the internet.

  2. Running target still needs to be moved and made operational

  3. Get driveway repaired when funds are available

  4. Decide on how to operate the Thursday night shoot in May

  5. Steve to get in contact with Cabelas about door prize donation for our Invitational in June and about Cabela’s Archery related events that we may help with.

  6. Wayne to finish repairing the practice targets he has at home right now and return them to the range in the next couple of weeks.