Collin County Bowhunters Association

November 15, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Members Present

Charles Alexander, Randy Probst, Wayne Meuir, Eugene Skinner, Freddie Crowder, Neal Kuznar

Teasurerís Report

Bank Balance is $4229.07 with no outstanding debt

Old Business

See Action Item List

New Business

  1. We voted to hold the December Club Meeting on Tuesday, December 13th at 7:00

  2. Charles will try to secure the Milligan Water Building for the meeting, if that does not work out we will have to find another location.

  3. We voted to continue giving out trophies at our regular club shoots and buckles only at the Invitational.

  4. Wayne agreed to find out where to send the LSBA donation check from our August Shoot.

  5. We voted to totally eliminate the Open B shooting class because the Open class has too few participants to justify two classes.

  6. We voted to do away with the Orange Mini Cub stake for 2012 and let the kids 8 years old and under shoot from anywhere that they are comfortable so that the smaller children will have more fun.

  7. Wayne has contacted Longhorn 3D Targets about buying one of their Club Target Repair kits for $131+ shipping, and that kit should be ordered and on it way to us in the next few days.  We plan to use this kit to repair the shot out targets on the practice range, not our tournament targets.

  8. Charles had a copy of the 2012 Texas ASA Schedule and we discussed how to plan our shoots so that both CCBA and ASA have the least impact on our attendance.

  9. The CCBA 2012 ASA Qualifier will be on march 31 & April 1 which should help the attendance if the weather cooperates.

  10. Wayne agreed to contact Jimmy Gould and see if we can get our 2012 Deerman shoot scheduled for April 28 & 29, which was the only available week-end in April.

  11. Charles will have a tentative 2012 CCBA Schedule Proposal at the December meeting that we will have to discuss and approve as we decide.

  12. Wayne will contact Todd Smith and get as much information as possible about the 2012 TBOT Schedule.

Meeting Adjourned


  1. We need to talk to a couple of the larger Clubs in our area to find out how they handle their Tax Exempt Status and Non-Profit Organization Tax Returns and decide how we can best comply without it costing us so much it puts us out of existence.

  2. We need to set up a work day at the range to accomplish some needed maintenance:

  1. Need to get driveway repaired with crushed concrete.

  2. We need to decide if we want to purchase another one of the Paris Pro Am Ranges from McKenzie this year.

  3. Determine where we will hold the December Meeting.

  4. Take a vote at the December Meeting as to whether we want to continue contributing some of the proceeds from our August shoot entry fees to LSBA.

  5. Procure a new supplier for our Portable Toilets for 2012 if possible because of the book keeping errors that Jackpot Sanitation seemed to have all year least year.