Charles Alexander, Randy Probst, Wayne Meuir, Eugene Skinner, Freddie Crowder, Mark Watts


No change in Bank balance from one month ago. Current Balance is $4323.07

We have an outstanding debt from Jackpot Sanitation for $94. Charles will get invoice to Steve to be paid.


We still need to shore up the cotton bale backstops before they are ruined.


  1. After talking to Jayne Skinner, Wayne agreed to contact the Texas State Comptrollerís office about getting a Club Tax ID Number to use to open a Club Bank Account.

  2. Charles recommended that we try to set a work day before it gets too cold and rent an auger to drill post holes for cotton bale backstops. Everyone agreed, but time has not yet been set primarily due to it being early in the hunting season and hard to get folks together. Will revisit this and set a date ASAP.

  3. Mark Watts suggested using a product called FINES to set the posts for the bales. We need to check on availability and cost.

  4. We discussed using some of the funds we have available to hire someone to put crushed concrete on our driveway before the spring rains ruin it.  Wayne will talk to Steve Seals about getting Steve Sullivan to give us a bid.

  5. We discussed buying either a full range or at least a half range of targets from the Paris ASA Pro-AM which is to be held on March 23-25, 2012. We will wait to make a decision until 2012 membership dues begin coming in.

  6. TBOT 2012

Paris, Texas Jan 21-22

Denton Feb 18-19

  1. We donít have any other 2012 Schedules at this time.

  2. Wayne to contact Mike Smith at ASA to see what is open dates for us to have in 2012.

  3. We discussed where to hold the December Meeting but will not decide on a date or time until next month.




    1. Wayne to go to Texas Comptrollers Website and find out how to get a club Tax ID number.

    2. Set up a Work Day and rent an auger to fix covers and braces on cotton bales. Also look into using FINES concrete product to set posts as per Mark Watts suggestion.

    3. Need to get driveway repaired with crushed concrete.

    4. Decide if we want/need to buy more targets rom the Pris ASA Pro-Am in March.

    5. Wayne to contact Mike Smith about ASA 2012 Qualifier dates.

    6. Decide when and where to hold December meeting.

    7. Have Steve Seals firm up the date for our Deerman shoot in May 2012.

    8. Wayne to buy target repair kits to repair some of our practice targets.

    9. Gorilla Glue our McKenzie targets together to make them stronger.

    10. Decide on whether or not to go to buckles instead of trophies in 2012.

    11. Decide at the December Meeting if we plan on contributing our August shoot gate fees to LSBA.

    12. Look into a new supplier for our toilets in 2012 because of the bookkeeping headaches from Jackpot Sanitation.

    13. We need to revisit the Shooting Classes/Shooting Stakes for 2012.