FEBRUARY 15, 2011


Charlie Alexander, Randy Probst, Wayne Meuir, Steve Seals, Eugene Skinner, Mark Watts


$2398.24  Current Bank Balance

  $100.00  To be deposited from Mark Watts Charter Membership Fee

    $78.00  Outstanding to Jackpot Sanitation Services for Porta-Potty

    $20.86  Outstanding to Randy Probst for 2 year Web Site Domain name Registration

$2394.24  Ending Balance


  1. Unanimous decision was made to leave gates as they are now and install a sign near the entry gate stating range access is only open to members.

  2. We still need to build the target bale shelters. Roger Allen is bringing the remaining lumber as his donation and he will also leave his gas powered post hole digger for us to use.


  1. Billy Sandlin resigned his position as Club Treasurer effective immediately.

  2. Steve Seals was nominated to replace him as Club Treasurer and was approved by unanimous vote.

  3. Steve Seals will meet with Billy Sandlin as soon as he can set up a meeting to get updated on the financial status, Bank Records, Club Records, etc that are now in Billyís possession. Billy is donating a Laptop Computer to the Club that has most of the records on it.

  4. Steve Seals will also get the key to our Post Office Box from Billy.

  5. Charlie Alexander has already had Citizens State Bank to change the address so that the Bank Statement will now go to our Club Post Office Box

  6. Steve will take necessary paperwork to Citizens State Bank that they need to get him approved to sign Club Checks and access Club Bank Account

  7. We also need to be sure that Billy Sandlinís name is removed from the Clubs Signature list at Citizens State Bank.

  8. Wayne Meuir will contact Jackpot Sanitation Services and have the billing address changed from Billy Sandlinís home address to our Club Post Office Box.

  9. Mark Watts applied for and was granted a Charter Membership and was nominated to fill the vacancy as a Club Director for 2011 and 2012 that was created when Steve Seals moved to the Treasurerís position. Vote passed unanimously.

  10. We voted to add a pink shooting stake for the Womenís Traditional and Youth Traditional that will be much closer distance than the Menís Traditional Stake. Wayne made the pink stakes and brought them to the range already.

  11. We approved the following break points for the A & B Flights:

    Compound A Class will be a score of 260 and above; Compound B Class will be a score of 259 and less

    Traditional A Class will be a score of 200 and above; Traditional B Class will be a score of 199 and less