Collin County Bowhunters Assoc

Meeting Minutes December 14, 2010

Members Present:

Charlie Alexander, Randy Probst, Billy Sandlin, Wayne Meuir, Eugene Skinner, Steve Seals, Terry Witt, Bud Murphy, Todd Smith, Freddie Crowder

Treasurerís Report:

Current Bank Balance is $2725.93

Land Lease due Jan 1, 2011 in amount of $1000.00

ASA Insurance Due prior to December 31, 2010 in the amount of $450.00

Old Business:

Minutes from last meeting read and accepted.

New Business:

Officers Elected for 2011 as follows:

President: Charlie Alexander

Vice President: Randy Probst

Treasurer: Billy Sandlin

Secretary: Wayne Meuir

Directors and Member Rep for 2011 are as follows:

Freddie Crowder 2010/2011

Bud Murphy 2010/2011

Jimmy Brashear 2010/2011

Steve Seals 2011/2012

Todd Smith 2011/2012

Eugene Skinner 2011/2012

Terry Witt will be the Associate Member Rep for 2011/2012

2011 Tournament Schedule

Tournament Schedule for 2011 was discussed and tentatively approved but will not be published until we are sure the date we have open for the Deerman Tournament is acceptable.

2011 Membership Fees

Membership Fees for 2011 are to be set at $50 for everyone including individuals seeking membership and their immediate family 18 years of age and under who still reside in the household.

Their will be no differentiation between working and non-working members in 2011, however, those members who set up and take complete responsibility for running a shoot will have $40 of their membership fee refunded after they have completed that responsibility.

2011 Tournament Fees

Members that have paid their Membership Dues for 2011 will pay a shoot fee of $10.00 per Tournament to compete.

Shoot Fees for Non-Members will be $20.00 per Tournament to compete.

Youth Shoot Fees for youngsters that have reached their 13th Birthday but have not reached their 19th Birthday will pay a shoot fee of $10.00 to compete.

All Children Ages 12 and Under will Shoot Free but must be accompanied through the course by an adult.

Concession Prices for 2011

Due to the rising cost of food stuff, we have voted to raise the prices for concessions slightly as follows:

Hamburgers and all the trimmings $3.00

Hot Links $2.00

Hot Dogs $1.50

Chips: We will buy the larger bags of chips, but the price will now be $1.00

Soft Drinks will remain at $1.00

Gator Aide: We will go from the 12 ounce bottles to 20 ounce bottles and the price will be $1.50

We will no longer provide Candy Bars because of the difficulty of keeping them from melting and going to waste. We may try to have other types of sweet goodies in place of the candy bars that can withstand the summer heat.

Charter Memberships

We now have 13 Charter Memberships and voted to limit it to that amount.

Money Shoot

We voted to reinstate the voluntary Money Shoot. To enter the Money Shoot will cost $5.00.

Of that $5.00 the Club will take a $1.00 fee for managing the shoot, the ther $4.00 will be paid back to one winner. The method that will be used to conduct the Money Shoot will be addressed and posted on our Website.

Hagerman Qualifier

Steve Seals agreed to conduct a Hagerman Qualifier in 2011 if there is enough interest to warrant setting up the targets.

Awards for 2011

Wayne Meuir agreed to do some research with some awards vendors to try to find a nice plaque or buckle that we can give to shoot winners instead of the trophies we have been using the last few years. He will report back with findings.

Changes to Regularly Scheduled Tournaments

We voted to change our Shoots to 30 targets for 2011 shooting them all in one round through the course instead of the two rounds of twenty in each round. This was done to make the course shorter to walk and maybe allow most folks to finish before it gets so hot that it becomes dangerous.

We voted to completely eliminate the Open Class long stake that we added last year and go back to prior years where the Open Classes and the Fixed Pin Classes shoot the same stake.

We voted to begin counting HIGH 12ís and/or CENTER 12ís on targets so marked at all our regular tournaments. We will shoot the LOW 12ís and 14ís only at the ASA Qualifier on July 2-3.

Range Masters for 2011 are as follows:

February: Wayne Meuir

March: Billy Sandlin

April: Freddie Crowder

May: Steve Seals

June: Bud Murphy

July: Charlie Alexander

August: Eugene Skinner

Daily Shoot Fees

We discussed whether or not we can legally use the Red Box and allow daily shoot fees to Non-Members. Steve Seals is going to look in to the liability issues concerned with that take some photos of the signs the City of Allen uses o protect itself from unattended facilities as it related to accidents that might occur. We will vote on it at a later date.

Action Items:

  1. Wayne to check on cost and availability of Plaques or Buckles at some of the awards vendors in this area including MBAM Trophy in Allen and Texoma Leather and Brass (Contact Ken at 903-271-1311)

  2. Wayne to get the ASA Insurance Paperwork filled out by the end of this week and provided to Billy Sandlin so he can mail the check.

  3. Steve Seals to check on requirements for protecting against claims at unattended facilities.

  4. Steve Seals to check on Deerman schedule.

Meeting Adjourned