Meeting Minutes July 20, 2010

Members Present

Charlie Alexander, Billy Sandlin, Wayne Meuir, Randy Probst, Eugene Skinner, Steve Seals, Terry Witt, Amy Witt, Spencer Witt

Treasurer’s Report 

Current Bank Balance $3015.41
Outstanding for Portable Toilet $80.00
Ending Balance $2935.41

Old Business

  1. Steve Talked to Mike Smith of ASA and he indicated that there are no dates open in 2011 for us to have an ASA Qualifier. Mike will advise us if something changes.

  2. Randy is going to send “Thank You” Letters to all the major contributors of door prizes at our June Invitational Shoot.

  3. Wayne was supposed to check with Rinehart about repair kit to fix our standing bear but forgot. He is going to get it done before next meeting.

  4. We still need to fix the road. Steve Sullivan quoted us $300.00 for a 10 yard load of crushed asphalt. Wayne is going to shop prices and see if that is reasonable or not.

New Business

  1. Charlie proposed that we not wait so long to order new targets that we get in a bind again. All agreed that we have about $1500 to spend and whatever is left after the road is fixed can be used for targets.
  2. We agreed to give LSBA half of the August Gate up to a maximum of $300.
  3. Charlie brought up the fact that we need to enforce the “NO PROFANITY” rule that we have in place, and that we all need to call people out if they break the rule so that we have a friendly family environment without worrying about offending anyone. All agreed.
  4. Wayne indicated that he along with Steve Seals, has started a P/R campaign VIA the Internet Hunting/Archery Forums in an effort to get the word out who we are and what we have to offer. It already seems to have brought a few folks out.
  5. We all agreed to cut the membership dues for the remainder of 2010 to $50.00 for individual and $55.00 for family memberships.
  6. Terry and Amy Witt asked us about doing a Cub Scout Training Program in the summer of 2011 and also possibly a Home Schooled Children Program.  Everyone thought it is a good idea and further discussion will be done to set it up in the coming months.
  7. Steve Seals has talked to the guy who runs the “Deer Man Tournaments” about coming to our club next year and putting on one of his shoots.  Everyone agreed that we should discuss it with him and find out all the details. Steve will stay in touch with him.
  8. Billy got a call from some one wanting us to advertise in their Archery Address Book.  We all decided that free P/R Via the Internet Forums was a better choice.
  9. We discussed changing the 2011 Membership Dues to $50-$60 across the board and doing away entirely with the working vs non-working memberships.  Most thought it a good idea but we will not consider it until our December Organization Meeting.
  10. We discussed changing to a 30 Target format where each target would only get shot once. 
    Pros:  Targets Last Longer, Less Walking for Contestants, Shoot Would Probably Finish Earlier in the day.       
    Cons:  More Work Setting Up and Taking down the Targets, Less Traffic at the Concession Stand.
  11. Wayne was contacted by Todd Pool of Cowtown Bowmen about a meeting in November to set up the 2011 schedule so that we don’t all compete with one another. He will send us an invitation to that meeting this year and we can hopefully use that information to set up our 2011 Schedule.