Meeting Minutes May, 2010


Charlie Alexander, Randy Probst, Billy Sandlin, Wayne Meuir, Eugene Skinner, Bud Murphy, Neal Kuznar, Roger Allen, Steve Seals


$377.26 Bank Balance as of 5/18/2010

$135.00 Outstanding debt to Wayne Meuir for Food for the March and April Shoots

$80.00 Outstanding debt for Port-A-Potty

$162.26 Final Balance After All Bills Are Paid


  1. Charlie has received buckles for the Invitational Tournament and Billy has mailed a check for the payment in the amount of $429.00.

  2. Rinehart Targets have been received and they all have ASA scoring rings instead of IBO. We will have to live with it until we replace the centers since we did not know they had different types when we ordered them.


  1. Charlie thanked the Texins Archery Club for giving us the target bales and to Our Club Members that took care of bringing them out to our range and setting them up: Steve & Casey Seals, Randy and Kyle Probst, Wayne Meuir, Neal Kuznar, Roger Allen, and anyone else who was involved.

  2. Bud Murphy will talk to Daniel Copeland about getting a load of recycled asphalt to fix some of the holes in our driveway.

  3. Randy had someone contact him about buying folding knives with our Club Logo printed on the blade. They would only cost $2.98 ea., but the minimum order was 100. No decision was made since we can’t afford to do that right now.

  4. We all agreed to add one more Port-A-Potty on the week before the TBOT shoot on June 5 and keeping it on hand through the Invitational Shoot.

  5. LSBA Shoot will be set up on Saturday, June 12, the day before the Tournament.

  6. We will need to paint stakes so that we have the right amount and colors for the LSBA shoot, and then paint them back before the invitational

  7. We decided to auction off a few (yet to be determined) of our extra non-tournament targets at the TBOT shoot to try to raise some funds for the Club. We may have enough to auction a few more at the invitational.

  8. Steve volunteered to manage a Hagerman Qualifier if there is enough interest. Randy will post it on our Website with Steve’s E-Mail address. If enough interest in shown, Steve will schedule them and may need help from some of the rest of us conducting the qualifier rounds. We decided that we would charge $15 per Round per Shooter, 14 Deer sized Targets.