FEBRUARY 16, 2010

Members Present

Eugene Skinner, Wayne Meuir, Randy Probst, Charlie Alexander, Billy Sandlin

Treasurer’s Report

Bank Balance $889.46

No known outstanding debt

Old Business

  1. Target prices have changed so inserts have not yet been ordered. Sandy Horne getting new prices for Billy and he will send the money for the order as soon as he knows.

  2. Portable Toilet will be delivered on Friday, February 19. Billy to make followup call to insure that it is done.

  3. Charlie painted all the shooting stakes.

  4. No new memberships have been received.

New Business

  1. Eugene Skinner asked to purchase a Charter Membership. Motion was made and passed unanimously to accept his Charter Membership.

  2. Practice Bags need to be repaired/replaced but are too wet to re-stuff. We do have enough good bags for the tournaments.

  3. Wayne asked if it would be OK to try selling beans and cornbread at the February shoot. Everyone agreed so it will be done on a trial basis.

  4. Wayne brought up having a raffle as a fund raiser so we can purchase some new targets. Everyone agreed that we could give it a try. The rules we established for the raffle are as follows:

    1. Tickets will be $10.00 each with a minimum of 75 tickets and a maximum of 150 tickets sold.

    2. The prize to be given away will be a $750.00 gift certificate with the winner being allowed to chose between a $750.00 gift certificate from North Texas Archery that can be used to purchase anything of his choice, or a $750.00 gift certificate from Horne’s Archery in Boyd, Texas for a custom made Traditional bow of their choice and made to their specifications. No cash prizes will be awarded due to the laws set forth by the Texas Attorney General regarding fund raisers for Texas Non Profit Organizations

    3. If we do NOT manage to sell at least 75 tickets, we will refund ALL the money back to the original ticket purchaser’s.

    4. We will conduct the drawing at our August tournament or at the first shoot following the sale of the 150th ticket, whichever comes first. You do not have to be present to win.

    5. The beginning eligible ticket number will be 346631, and the final eligible, or 150th ticket number, will be 346780.

    6. Ticket purchaser will be responsible for making sure their tickets are filled out properly and legibly so that they can be contacted to receive their prize.

    7. Any ticket that is drawn that is NOT legible or that has contact information that is incomplete or incorrect will require that we draw another winner.

Meeting Adjourned