JANUARY 19, 2010

Attendees: Charlie Alexander, Billy Sandlin, Randy Probst, Wayne Meuir, Eugene Skinner, Freddie Crowder, Richard Crowder

Minutes from December meeting read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Current Bank Balance $1054.46

Outstanding Debt 191.00

Final Balance $863.46

Old Business

  1. Targets Centers not yet ordered. Billy will get with Bud and send the money to Mark Horne for the order this week.

  2. Discussion of the terms of the 2010 Directors. Web site to contain their names and terms of office.

  3. Shelf in Storage Trailer still needs repair. Rain last weekend held us up.

  4. Still need to order target repair kits. Billy will research Web and try to find best price.

New Business

  1. Randy asked about Door Prize Budget. We have enough on hand for the Feb shoot. Discussion of budget for Door Prizes for future shoots tabled until after the Feb shoot.

  2. Billy will provide Port-A-John for Feb Shoot, and then order one to be delivered before the March shoot.

  3. Billy is changing the lock combinations for all CCBA locks after tonight’s meeting. Range Masters and Officers will be the only people who are given the combination numbers.

Meeting Adjourned