Collin County Bowhunters Assoc.

Meeting Minutes December 15, 2009

Members Present:  Charlie Alexander, Randy Probst, Billy Sandlin, Wayne Meuir, Eugene Skinner, Bud Murphy, Danny Cook, Casey Seals, Richard Crowder, Fred Crowder, Mark Watts, Todd Smith

Treasurer’s Report: Bank Balance as of Dec 15, 2009 is $2224.46 and there are no outstanding debts.

Agenda Items:

  1. Motion was made to keep all the 2009 officers in place for the 2010 year. Motion passed.

  2. Motion was made to pay a total of $1050 to the Landowner for the 2010 property lease.  Motion Passed.

  3. Motion was made to pay a total of $650 for our 2010 ASA Liability Insurance. Motion Passed. Billy Sandlin will make the payment and then send a hard copy of the policy to Wayne for our files. Wayne to make sure Landowner gets a copy of the Policy as well.  Probably will be January or February before we receive the Policy.

  4. Motion was made to refund Charter Membership Fee of $100 to William Murphy Sr.  Motion Passed.

  5. Decision was made to give all current Charter Members until the March shoot to pay their 2010 dues in order to retain their Charter Membership.

  6. Wayne agreed to send all attendees a copy of tonight's meeting minutes and list of all Charter Members in good standing. 

  7. Range Masters for 2010 were selected as follows:

  1. Range Repair Workday has been scheduled for Jan 16 & 17, 2010 with following items needing attention:

  1. Lengthy discussion was held regarding whether we could host the LSBA Banquet Shoot on June 13. Main focus of discussion was whether or not we can come up with 30 GOOD targets at that time. After much consideration, a motion was made and passed that we would do the LSBA shoot. We think we can buy center sections for around 6 targets and one or two new ones fairly easily and maybe one or two more if the February and March shoots have good turnouts. LSBA expects from 50 to 100 shooters from which we will receive $10 each of the gate money, plus all concessions and any novelty shoot money we can obtain.

  2. Charlie will make a final draft of the 2010 Shoot Schedule and get everyone’s approval before it is placed on our Website.

  3. We decided that in order to allow Compound shooters to shoot more than one class, we would create two new shooting stakes farther out to be used by Compound Shooters in the Open Class. Fixed Pin Shooters will continue to use the orange and silver stakes as is the past. Women will continue to use pink and orange as in the past.

Meeting Adjourned