Collin County Bowhunters Assoc.

Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2009

Members Present:

Charlie Alexander, Randy Probst, Eugene Skinner, Wayne Meuir

Treasurer’s Report

Bank Balance: $2229

No Outstanding Debt

Old Business

1. Do not know status of the target purchases that Bud and Billy were supposed to be handling.

  1. We have decided to eliminate the September Club Shoot from the 2010 Schedule

New Business

  1. Joey Gates contacted us VIA E-Mail asking us to sponsor the LSBA Banquet Tournament in June 2010. Randy has agreed to contact him and find out a few particulars such as:

    1. What are the terms regarding the gate and concessions

    2. What is the format and rules of the shoot

    3. How many targets do they usually shoot

    4. What are the target requirements

  1. December Meeting will be held at the Milligan Water Supply Building on Bridgefarmer Road on December 15, 2009. Wayne will send letters to all 2009 members inviting them to this meeting. Agenda Items to be decided are:

    1. 2010 Schedule

    2. Election of Officers

    3. Discuss Charter Memberships

    4. Establish Work Day Plans for 2010

    5. Range Master Assignments

    6. Lease Payment for Land

    7. Insurance Renewal Payment

  1. Wayne to contact Todd Smith prior to December Meeting about the 2010 TBoT Schedule.

  2. Randy to talk to Jody or Faye about the 2010 ASA Schedule

  3. We need to count the shooting stakes we have and make a few new ones as required. Wayne agreed to make up a few.