Collin County Bowhunters Association

May 19, 2009 Meeting Minutes


Members Present


Charlie Alexander,  Randy Probst,  Wayne Meuir,Treasurer Report


Current Bank Balance                                                                     $680.00

Plus Money From May Shoot To Be Deposited by Randy                220.00


                                                            Sub Total                            $900.00

Less Outstanding Debt

            Money Owed to Wayne for Targets                                       584.53

            Portable Toilet Rental                                                            75.00


Ending Balance                                                                              $240.47


Old Business


  1. Buckles for Invitational have been paid for and received.
  2. Three Rhinehart targets have been paid for and ordered, should be in by Invitational
  3. Randy has four pigs quartered and frozen for invitational and expects to have two or three more in plenty of time.
  4. Bud Sr. and Clara are going to cook the meat for the Invitational with Randy and Wayne’s help.


New Business


  1. Randy has several door prizes for the invitational: a ladder stand,  a hog hunt donated by Kenneth Talent at the Circle T Ranch, a pack of TEKAN expanding broad heads.
  2. Charlie has several items to donate for door prizes, a fixed blade hunting knife, a folding knife, some camo netting, and a broad head box
  3. John Evans is donating a Bow Tech ball cap and a Cobra Caliper Release.
  4. Charlie brought to our attention that we need new cores for the Honey Bear and the Frog but we decided that will have to wait until next year and we believe that we have enough targets to finish out 2009.
  5. Motion proposed and passed to start charging all non-members $15 to shoot “Fun Rounds” on tournament days.  


Meeting Adjourned