Collin County Bowhunters Association

April 21, 2009 Meeting Minutes


Members Present


Charlie Alexander            Randy Probst  Billy Sandlin            Wayne Meuir

John Evans            Neil Kuznar


Treasurer Report


Current Bank Balance                                                                       $2096.45

Plus Cash From Money Box                                                             15.00

Less Outstanding Checks

            Wayne for March Food Reimbursement                              91.65

            Randy for Door Prizes                                           142.76

            Wayne for Trophies                                                         128.28


Final Balance                                                                          $1748.76


Old Business


  1. Billy should have arrangements made with bank for signatures by 4/22/09
  2. Wayne & Randy to be at Billy’s house 4/22 at 6:30 for target repair session
  3. Billy will handle toilet for April shoot.
  4. Billy will check with Copeland about a load of road base for mud hole in driveway.
  5. Charles still plans to check on guttering for club house awning.


New Business


  1. Charlie to order buckles on 4/22/09 for the June Invitational Tournament
  2. Wayne to talk to Bud about whether we will have BBQ both days of Invitational
  3. Wayne will talk to Bud to see if Mr. Murphy is able to help cook the BBQ.  Wayne & Randy plan to go up and help him if he can do it.
  4. Wayne & Randy trying to get a couple of pigs for the BBQ so we won’t have to buy meat.
  5. Wayne to research Rinehart Website to determine what targets will be best to order.
  6. Wayne to discuss buying Rinehart targets with Bud and Sandy Horne. 
  7. Club voted to authorize spending as much as $1500 for targets and they need to be ordered on April 27 after money from April shoot is calculated.
  8. Wayne will handle food purchase for April shoot
  9. Charlie informed us that there were some complaints from some of the Compound shooters about the distance some of the targets were set for the March shoot.


Meeting Adjourned