FEBRUARY 17, 2009




Charlie Alexander, Billy Sandlin, Randy Probst, Wayne Meuir, Jimmy Brashears, Eugene Skinner, Rick Swartz




Account Balance as of this date: $866.69

There are some membership dues and money from practice range daily fee box that have not yet been deposited.




  1. Target Bags still on order from North Texas Archery.  Randy will advise.
  2. Billy still needs to contact bank about procedure to get signatures approved to allow Charley, Billy, Randy, and Wayne to sign checks.
  3. Billy has received target repair material but has not yet had time to set up a repair session to get the targets repaired.  Should be done in near future.
  4. Jimmy Brashears and Billy Sandlin will set up the March tournament.  All months are now covered for 2009
  5. Billy still working on getting a toilet set out for first tournament.
  6. Randy Probst has renewed our club website domain name for 2009
  7. Billy will still try to get a load of wood chips brought out for use on muddy trails.




  1. We have discovered that our February shoot schedule is in conflict with the Denton TBOT shoot and the March shoot is in conflict with the Holiday TBOT shoot so we may have a low turn out of traditional shooters
  2. Gander Mountain is now carrying McKenzie targets so if we get in a bind we can buy one or two from them without having to wait for the Rhineharts.
  3. Trophies given on Sunday afternoon will have to be marked with winners name for those who are not there on Sunday so that they may claim them the next time they come out.




  1. Billy to get toilet set out for February tournament.
  2. Billy to contact Bank about signature form
  3. Billy to set up target repair session
  4. Randy to check on target bags
  5. Billy will try to get a load of wood chips