DECEMBER 16, 2008


CCBA Monthly club meeting was held at the Milligan Water Building on December 16, 2008


Members in attendance:

Charlie Alexander

Billy Sandlin

Eugene Skinner

Randy Probst

Wayne Meuir

Bud Murphy


Officers were elected for 2009:

Charlie Alexander—President

Randy Probst-Vice President

Billy Sandlin-Treasurer

Wayne Meuir-Secretary


Directors for 2009:

Freddie Crowder

Bud Murphy

William Murphy Sr.

Todd Smith

Steve Seals

Rick Swartz



The 2009 Tournament Schedule was discussed and it was voted on and agreed that we will go to a once a month, two-day shoot.  The shoots will be scheduled on the weekend of the third Saturday of each month beginning in February and going thru August.  The club shoot will then be held for club members only on the third Saturday of September.


It was voted and agreed to drop the Survival Shoot format from the schedule.


A tentative schedule was presented and approved and will be mailed along with membership applications to those on our address list.


Membership criteria was discussed at length and it was decided to go back to having both working and non-working members.  We voted to change the Membership Fees for 2009 as follows:

Working Membership $10  Working Family Membership  $15

Non Working Membership $100  Non Working Family Membership $105

Shoot Fees Will Be $5 Per Entry for Both Working and Non Working Members

Shot Fees for Non Members Will Be $15


It was presented that there remains one Charter Membership open to anyone who wishes to purchase it.  Fee for purchase is $100.


Prices for food were discussed and Wayne Meuir agreed to price the material required so we can make an intelligent decision as to what the food prices need to be for 2009


It was agreed that we will have two work days scheduled on January 17 and 18 to get the range ready for the first shoot and that we will try to keep the grounds mowed for our shoots using working members work hours and any volunteers we can get in order to save money that was being paid to have it done for hire.


It was determine that we have enough shootable targets and/or ones that we can repair to make it through two shoots.  It was also determined that we need to buy some larger targets and that they will need to be ordered six weeks prior to our April shoot which would be around March 12.


Meeting was adjourned.