July 08,2008


Members Present:

Charlie Alexander

Bud Murphy

Randy Probst

Eugene Skinner

Todd Smith

Carrie Smith

Mary Smith

Bruce Dixon

Randy Probst


Treasurer’s Report: $2101.18 All outstanding bills have been cleared.


Old Business:


Minutes approved as read.


New Business:

  1. Targets, we need to repair some targets to get us through remainder of the year.  Billy is working on several
  2. Eugene stated that we need more practice targets on range
  3. We need to replace pulleys or running target to get it working correctly
  4. Target order have six week lead time
  5. There are a few more in the storage trailer that can be repaired
  6. We had 38 shooter at the last shoot and took in $550
  7. Billy will start getting repaired targets back to range
  8. Insurance premium will not change until after the fact
  9. Suggestion that we send out flyers to prospective new members
  10. Motion made and approved to change the wording on the schedule from “Start by___” to read “Registration 7AM-10AM” to avoid confusion about starting time.
  11. Discussed revising the Liability Release Form that is required annually to keep us legal
  12. Randy stated that he needs the CCBA Website Domain name transferred so he can maintain the Website.
  13. Motion was made and approved to give Randy total control of Website.
  14. Food for Club Shoot in September will be Fish Fry and Trimmings



Meeting Adjourned