Nov. 20, 2007

Meeting called to order.

Members Present :
Charlie Alexander Boady Sandlin
Billy Sandlin Eugene Skinner
Bud Murphy

Minutes from October meeting read. Motion made to accept as read.
Treasurers report: $ 3122.62.

Old Business: Discussed the rough draft of the membership application and schedule.
December meeting is Dec. 18th 7:00pm Catfish Heaven II in Princeton.

New Business: Discussed putting out a bulk mailer regarding membership applications and insurance waiver. Discussed insurance coverage and terminology. Feb. 10th is beginning of the calendar year for insurance. It is $ 625.00 a year. Motion made to pay ASA Insurance for the premium.

Motion made to get rock to repair road.

Four new targets will be purchased at the first of the year.

First work day is Jan 26 and 27.

Denton County T-BOT is Feb. 9 or 10.

Meeting Adjourned.