Oct. 15, 2007

Meeting called to order.

Members present:
Charlie Alexander Eugene Skinner
Wayne Meuir Randy Probst
Boady Sandlin Bud Murphy
Billy Sandlin

Minutes of September meeting read and motion made to accept.

Treasurer Report $ 3122.62.

Old Business :
Knife donated by anonymous member to present to Scott Powell.

In changing the new charter rules for the club there will be a clause that states if a charter member is unable to fulfill their obligation, they can be approved as an exempt charter member. Bud made motion to accept Robert Garner as a life time member. All approved. The club has to have 10 charter members to be a club, that includes officers. But, the club has opted to have 20 charter members. Boady was accepted as a charter member. Boady nominated as secretary.

Scott Powell is working on the 2008 schedule. The new member roster will have a place for the membership holder and the family. The new membership cards will also include a release on the same page.

The members and schedule will be posted on the website.

New Business:
Motion made for Sam Sandlin to come out and periodically mow the range and parking lot area next year. All accepted.