Members Present:
Randy Probst Charlie Alexander
Rick Swartz Eugene Skinner
Billy Sandlin Bud Murphy
Wayne Meuir
Old Business:
Minutes from 8-21-07 meeting read and motion made to accept.
Billy still working with Steve Diffenbaugh on getting power pole. The porta potty will have to stay in order to get the power approved.
At the last club shoot there were about 25 people that showed up to shoot and 15 stayed to eat.
New Business:
Treasurerís report $ 3151.32.
Letter from Scott Powell read stating that he was stepping down from office of secretary. He will be willing to stay until December meeting if needed.
Bud suggested getting a gift of appreciation for Scott for all his years of service. Motion was made to get gift and present it to him at the December meeting.
Billy is working on 20 target stands that will be orange to use at tournaments. And he will make 10 more just to have.
Billy found a glue that will hold targets together. The center section of the rhinehart targets are cheap. Bud talked to Mark and Sandy Horn, which are rhinehart dealers, and they can get targets like the boars that are normally $ 360. for $ 240. each.
Proposal to change the club rules was discussed and it will be voted on at the December meeting.
Billy and Boady are working on a program that at each shoot, the names can be entered and then after the shoot enter the scores and it create a report. The top winners can be posted on the website. The website will also have links to members, a chat room and a page to sell items.
Catfish Haven has been reserved for the December 18 meeting at 7:00pm. They are planning on 25-30 people.
Meeting adjourned.