Meeting 8-21-2007
Members present:

Old Minutes:
Unable to approve last months minutes they were not available.
Billy is still working on power pole.
Received new targets.
New business:
Charlie made a motion to make the club be working members only. A change in requirements will be made for members to full fill their obligation.
Requirements are:
1. Members will be required to work one work day & one shoot.
2. Price of membership will stay the same $15.00 single & $20.00 family.
3. Only two members will be able to get credit for working the shoot.
4. Range master assigned for that shoot will not be able to work the shoots for that month.
5. Sectary & treasurer will be exempt from work details.
6. Other changes may be necessary if needed.
Club Shoot:
Food - Ribeye & New York strip steaks
Baked potatoes
Salad & Trimmings
Club will provide members and family welcome.
Check will be made to LSBA for $300.00
The December meeting will be held on Dec. 18th 7:00pm at Catfish Haven. At this time officers will be elected