February 20, 2007
Members Present: Bud Murphy, Randy Probst, Scott Powell, Robert Garner, Rick Schwarz, Wayne Meuir, Charlie Alexander, Eugene Skinner, Boady Sandlin, Billy Sandlin, and Bruce Dixon.
Approved Minutes from December 12, 2006 meeting
Treasurer Report. $3124.70
Old Business:
LSBA check for $300 has not been cashed yet. Will give 6 more months before canceling check. Scott will check with the LSBA.
Discussed rocking the rest of the drive. Put off for now. Approved.
Port a Pot is $50 a month. Last year was $89. Bud will pay and is reimbursable. Approved.
Wayne Meuir and Randy Probst will survey target condition. Decision will be made by the Directors present on Sunday on ordering. Approved.
New Business:
Divide Cubs into Compound Cubs and Traditional Cubs. Leave Mini Cubs together. This adds 1 shooting class and Wayne will order trophies accordingly. approved.
Wayne Meuir will order shoot trophies.
Robert Garner announced his retirement and that he is moving out of State. He will no longer be able to serve as Treasurer for the club. Robert has been Treasurer since its creation. Billy Sandlin will serve as club treasurer when Robert Garner leaves. Approved.
Boady Sandlin is putting sign up for nonmembers to remind them to pay for shooting on the range. Non Members can only shoot the range if a member is present and the member is responsible to make sure they pay the $5 fee.
LSBA has requested to use the club range on Sunday April 29, 2007 for the field portion of Bow Hunter Ed Class. Club is supportive and will collect the $5 range fee from non members taking the class. Scott will get details from Bob Wright.
Respectfully Submitted,
Scott Powell/CCBA Secretary