December 12, 2006
· Members Present: Clara & William Murphy, Bud Murphy, Randy Probst, Scott Powell, Robert Garner, Rick Schwarz, Wayne Meuir, Charlie Alexander, Dustin Murphy, Richard Crowder, Freddie Crowder, TC Crowder, Eugene and Bruce Dixon.
· Approved Minutes from November 21, 2006 meeting
· Treasurer Report. $2177.54
· Old Business:
· Elected Range Masters for 2007:
· Feb Randy Probst/Wayne Meuir
· March Mark Myers
· April Freddy/Richard Crowder
· May Bruce Dixon/Eugene
· June Bud Murphy Jr
· July Charles Alexander
· Aug Billy/Boady Sandlin
· New Business:
· Approved Bud ordering shoot trophies and Eugene’s wife picking them up at MB&B Trophies in Allen.
· Adjourn.
Respectfully Submitted,
Scott Powell/CCBA Secretary