November 21, 2006
Members Present: Clara & William Murphy, Bud Murphy, Randy Probst, Scott Powell, Robert Garner, Rick Schwarz, Wayne Meuir, and Billy Sandlin.
Approved Minutes from 8-15-06, 9-19-06, and 10-17-06.
Treasurer Report. $3839.39 with two checks not cleared yet, $300 LSBA and @76 to Clara & Bud.
Old Business:
Approved Membership Fees for 2007 as set in bylaws.
$70.00 Non Working
$10.00 Working
$ 5.00 Family Membership
Approved Shoot Fees for 2007 as set in bylaws:
$ 5.00 Working & Non Working Members and Youth
$15.00 Non Members
No Charge for Cubs and Mini Cubs
New Business:
Approved Shooting Classes for 2007:
Open A Class 330 and greater (voted 11-13-2003) Adjustable Sights
Open B Class 0 up to 329 (voted 11-13-2003) Adjustable Sights
Fixed A Class 330 and greater (voted 12-17-2002) Fixed Sights
Fixed B Class 0 up to 329 (voted 5-18-2004) Fixed Sights
Compound Bowhunter Compound Bow Fingers only (Voted 4-20-04)
Traditional A 270 and greater (voted 7-20-99)
Traditional B Class 0 up to 269 (voted 7-20-99)
Longbow Class Longbow with Wood Arrows only (voted 3-17-98)
Women Compound Any Compound Bows
Women Traditional Any Traditional Bows
Young Traditional Ages 0 to 16
Compound Youth Ages13 to 16
Compound Cubs Ages9 to 12
Compound Mini Cubs Ages 0 to 8
Approved classification of Shooters in 2007 by using shooters average.
Approved 2007 Shoot Schedule as Adjusted for the TBOT Shot.
Approved renewal of 2007 Liability Insurance with the ASA and allow up to $600 for the renewal for 10 ASA Members and additional Associate Members for 2007 Insurance.
Either Social Security Number or Date of Birth is required for Insurance. Drivers License is allowed.
Approved Club ASA Members for 2007. (Need 10 for Insurance) 2006 members were Charles Alexander, Freddie Crowder, Robert Garner, Wayne Meuir, Bud Murphy, Billy Sandlin, William Murphy Sr., Scott Powell, Randy Probst, and Rick Schwarz
Approved deadline for 2007 Membership renewals.
February 10, 2007 or club will absorb the membership with no refunds for Charter Members.
Approved lease renewal on range property for 2007 for a payment of $1000.00 plus 25.00 additional.
Elected directors whose term to expire on December 31, 2008: Rick Schwarz, Billy Sandlin, Randy Probst, Bud Murphy, and Charlie Alexander.
Current directors with 2-year term to expire on December 31, 2007: Robert Garner, William Murphy Sr., Scott Powell, Clara Murphy and Freddy Crowder.
Elected Mark Myars as the regular member representative for 2007.
Elected Officers for 2007: Bud Murphy; President, Randy Probst; Vice President, Scott Powell; Secretary, Robert Garner; Treasurer:
Elected Range masters for 2007 and list will be completed in December meeting; Feb-Randy Probst/Wayne Meuir, March-????????, April-???????????, May-??????????, June-Bud Murphy, July-??????????, Aug-Billy Sandlin.
Approved Bo Parrish to join in 2007 to provide web site maintenance in lieu of working requirements.
Respectfully Submitted,
Scott Powell/CCBA Secretary